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Mixed Media Paintings

I love watercolor paintings. In my opinion though watercolors are most difficult to handle. Careful planning is inevitable and corrections almost impossible. Needless to say it's a struggle.

If I use watercolors to me it feels like the painting always lacks something. Mixing media and combining them with watercolors and other materials allow more precise work and therefore more reasonable results.

Mixed Media - Rose, watercolor, colored pencils, acrylic color by Michaela Seidl

To increase color intensity or to enrich a watercolor painting with details I use all sorts of drawing supplies to finalize: pencils or crayons, highlighters, calligraphy pens, markers, and maybe also ink to make the result look more exciting. It's fun to come up with unusual materials - a piece of sandpaper can provide a cool structure, a cutter to scratch away color to show details. Some chip of wood dipped in color may provide an attractive pattern. A sponge can be helpful to apply color. To create smooth effects and transitions I use blending sticks or tissues. Whatever comes to mind might be worth and fun trying.
See how it worked out in the following examples.

Water droplets - mixed media work on seidlart by Michaela Seidl

Beautiful Venetian Masks

The colorful and richly decorated masks of the Venetian Carnival are an attractive subject. For me mixing media is the perfect technique to capture the luxuriance and the richness of detail of the masks and the splendid architecture of Venice. 
​Beautiful Venetian Masks

The Carnival in Venice is most famous for its fanciful and colorful masks. My friend and photographer Wolfgang Stocker was on location and captured impressive moments. He gave the permission to use some of his stunning photos to turn into drawings.

To master the detailed and lavishly ornated masks plus the terrific architecture of "La Serenissima" was quite a challenge for me! I have tried different styles. See some results in here and dont miss more in the outdoor subjects section of drawings! And make sure you enjoy
Wolfgang's fantastic photos of the Carnival in Venice.

  1. Mixed Media work of a traditional Venetian mask at the Venice Carnival by Michaela Seidl
  2. Mixed Media work of traditional Venetian masks at the Venice Carnival by Michaela Seidl
  3. Mixed Media work of a traditional Venetian mask at the Venice Carnival by Michaela Seidl
  4. Mixed Media work of traditional Venetian masks at the Venice Carnival by Michaela Seidl

Landscape and Architecture

Watercolors in combination with pen and ink seem to have done the trick here. I have tried with some of the following landscape and architectural subjects.

Landscapes are always nice and manageable topics. Some architectual motifs included set the bar higher. The angles are key and not easy to capture. Sometimes I have to correct several times because a building is leaning backwards or sidewards. Ornaments add to the challenge since I am obsessed with detail. Using pen and ink allow to capture these details and accentuate the architectural element.

See how it worked in the following examples:

  1. Mixed media work - beach, Boca Raton, Florida by Michaela Seidl
  2. Mixed media work - Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy by Michaela Seidl
  3. Mixed media work - Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna by Michaela Seidl
  4. Mixed media work - Schönbrunn, Vienna by Michaela Seidl
  5. Mixed media work - riverside, landscape, Upper Austria by Michaela Seid

All Eyes

l love to draw eyes. They are compelling, fascinating, so much expression and emotion in them. Maybe that's why I am using an eye as my facebook profile picture.

Time and again I get back to drawing them. Most often I am using graphite pencils only, occasionally bold colors, too. To intensify the expression I like to play around with Photoshop to add color. At times only sparingly to color the iris. Or for the fun of it I try unusual colors to give it a different expression.

Have a look around. Hope you will be all "eyes"!

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  23. Pencil drawing of an eye by Michaela Seidl