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Art & Creativity

I like to draw and paint. And I like to be creative in many different ways. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, doing handicrafts, folding paper, carving, designing … whatever it is, I´m in!

Next to the more artsy stuff I love to play with different materials. At times it’s just fun to be creative with all sorts of things you have at home, leftover stuff from various projects that is simply too good to throw away. A nicely shaped bottle might look even nicer with some yarn or ribbons wrapped around it. Some small crochet tablecloth might make a nice bowl or an old tennis ball might serve as a towel holder.

In this part of my website I would like to present some of my DIY-projects. Some of them are easily and quickly done, others require time and patience. I hope you´ll enjoy these fun stuff projects. Maybe it inspires some of you to try one of them yourself. If you need instructions just drop me line.


Heading 1

  1. Little booklet for kids starting school
    Little Booklet for Kids
  2. Indoor herb garden, parsley, chives
    Tiny Indoor Herb Garden
  3. Coffee bean owl in frame
    Coffee Bean Owl
  4. Colorful crochet bag
    Crochet Bag
  5. Crochet, tablecloth, bowl
    Crochet Bowl
  6. Crochet and paper flowers
    Crochet & Paper Flowers
  7. Knitting, crochet, emboidered owl face
    Crochet Owl on Knitted Mittens
  8. Keyholder, crochet owls
    Little Crochet Owls
  9. Small felt bags with zipper
    Felt Bags
  10. Orange felt bag with felt flowers
    Felt Bag
  11. Knitted gloves with cable stitch
    Knitted Gloves
  12. Fireflies, surprise eggs with led tea lights
  13. Flower vase made of old pencilsw
    Pencil Flower Vase
  14. Flower vase embellished with straws
    Straw Flower Vase
  15. Calligraphy on Pebbles
    Calligraphy on Pebbles
  16. Jigsaw work, fish
    JIgsaw Fish
  17. Knitted dress with ribbons and lace
    Knitted Dress
  18. Colorful knitted gloves
    More Knitted Gloves
  19. Knitted kid's socks with frog face
    Knitted Socks
  20. Lego keyholders
    Lego Keyholders
  21. Bottles embellished with colorful yarn and ribbons
    Yarn Bottles
  22. Paper bookmarks
    Monster bookmarks
  23. Mosaic bowl
    Mosaic Bowl
  24. Mural design with movie posters and old CDs
    Mural Design
  25. Origami Stars for Christmas
    Origami Stars
  26. Flextangles, colorful paperwork
  27. Pebbles glued on painted canvas
    Pebbles on Canvas
  28. Felt star candle, cones, pumpkin seeds
    Felt Star Candle
  29. Knitting, strawberry hat
    Knitted Strawberry Hat
  30. Towel cupcakes
    Towel Cupcakes
  31. Christmas muffins with a reindeer face
    Christmas Muffins
  32. Crochet, bikini, bra
    Crochet Bra