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All Pencil Drawings

Children have a very uncomplicated access to drawing. They simply love to draw. It's not about what or how. It's pure joy, a very direct and relaxed approach. All that is needed is a piece of paper and some pencils to scribble.

Maybe that's why I still prefer drawing to any other technique. Because it's straightforward and fast. Pencil sketches are the basis for every painting anyhow. Pencils allow immediate correction by erasing and precise work. They can be controlled so much easier than brushes and paint.

In this category you find all pencil drawings. From portraits to landscape. This is my favorite way to draw. Just a piece of paper, a few graphite pencils in different grades, at times some colored ones, too. And most important an eraser.

Wet Face in category drawing - pencil drawing on by Michaela Seidl

Old man on train in category drawing - pencil drawing on by Michaela Seidl


Everybody loves the oldfashioned charm of black and white photos. The lack of color reinforces atmosphere and emotions and adds lots of drama. This applies to photography as well as to drawing.

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Car on Route 66 in category drawing - pencil drawing on by Michaela Seidl, photo reference Wolfgang Stocker

Outdoor Views and Subjects

Only graphite pencil isn't always enough. At times color is needed. I have a two boxes full of colored pencils, all shades and sizes. Some are really small already since I have first used them as a child at school. 

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Still Life in category drawing - colored pencil drawing on by Michaela Seidl

Still Life Drawings

Some very classical still life subjects next to some simple fruit arrangements I have used as labels for home made jam.

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