Combining Drawings and Photos 
​​Lacking the time to draw outside on location I am taking photos to capture a special place, a beautiful athmosphere, and I am using these shots as a source of inspiration. ​​

I also use photos as templates to challenge myself with difficult subjects and to improve by observing and bringing the observations to paper. 

When trying to master a realistic portrait a photo is really helpful.  It can be enlarged to get all the details right and it can be studied over and over again.

Next to using my own photos my friend and photographer Wolfgang Stocker lets me use his photo art to turn into drawings or paintings.

I thought it would be fascinating to combine some of my drawings with the reference photo. Which part is drawn, where and how is the photo included? 
I have been playing with photoshop to create a few photodraws and I hope to arouse your curiosity. But most of all, enjoy the results! Ne

Venice Carnival mask, pencil drawing with a bit of color. Original photo by Wolfgang Stocker, www.wostphoto.com.
Drawing of an insect on a flower, colored pencils on paper. The beautiful reference photo has been provided by Wolfgang Stocker, www.wostphoto.com.
Pencil drawing of a two year old. This time it is my own photo I have used.
Watercolor painting of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Reference photo by Wolfgang Stocker, www.wostphoto.com.
Another one of my photos as a reference for a watercolor painting. Can you spot where the photo shows through?
A market vendor drawn with pencil on paper. The photo has been shot by Wolfgang Stocker, www.wostphoto.com.
A water color of the beautiful and picturesque village Vernazza in Cinque Terre. The original photo has been shot by Wolfgang Stocker, www.wostphoto.com.
My 4 year old had a great time with a crochet bag in the making. My photo was the basis for the drawing.
A combi of photo and drawing of the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman.