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Photo by Wolfgang Stocker
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I am Michaela and I am an Austrian-born, working mom and painter. I live in the beautiful city of Salzburg, love jazz, movies that were still filmed in black and white and I like to read. And I am into drawing and painting as you will have noticed by now. As you might well know it’s hard to find time for a hobby in general but to get creative when you finally can spend some time to do so is even harder. But I manage now and then to be the painter I always wanted to be.

I have been drawing ever since and even considered an artistic career at one time. Despite that I decided to get myself a "reasonable"  job, drawing or painting always  has been an important part of my life until today.  

There were times without putting something on paper or canvas, but I never really got away from it or lost the passion for it. At times I neglected painting in favor of calligraphy. Sometimes I switched to more handyman creativity. But despite my detours and timeouts, eventually I always ended up with a pencil or brush in my hand again. Sometimes just because I felt like doing it again, or just because I had been charged with a drawing or some kind of creative project. This kept my love for it going and I never stayed without being a painter for too long. In fact my breaks almost always took me onto a new creative way and aroused my ambition to try different styles and techniques.

Occasionally I displayed some of my drawings or paintings at my workplace or at some exhibitions. Believe it or not, almost two decades ago I already had thought about creating a website to show my pieces to a broader group of interested people. Don’t ask me why I didn’t because you might well know the answer already: not enough time. My friends advised me to keep the creative work going and encouraged me one more time to show my work via cyberspace. I am very grateful for this encouragement because it finally led to my site DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS and more which allows me to show you my work now. Creating my site was not only fun but gives me great satisfaction, knowing I can finally share what I love, my drawings, paintings and more with people out there who love what I love, art.

About my site

In the course of creating this website the adaptation of the layout, the plugins, and all the preparatory work took me weeks. I have rewritten, rearranged and readapted the content over and over again and I will continue to do so as the site will grow with time. Even after a relaunch it still feels like my website is undone and might never really be done. But trust me, this is only the beginning!   ​