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The smell of wooden pencils has always been enticing to me. Opening my pencil case as a child starting school gave me this incredible feeling right away, it made me want to draw. Decades later I still love the feeling of a pencil between my fingers.
Very early in life I realized that I have some creativity in me which needs to come out somehow. Even though my heart is set on drawing and painting, but to work with good paper and delicate fabric also gives me great satisfaction. I don’t know how other artists feel about that, but before working with any material I have to sense it, to feel it and yes, I also have to smell it. That takes me to the zone where my creativity starts flowing.​​

Being Creative in Many Ways

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Folding paper to unique origami, knitting, sewing or designing cool outfits, my creativity pushes me to all kinds of creating art. I love to create. And I need to be creative. Seeing that something is coming "alive" is both exciting and satisfying to me. Even though I mainly stuck with paper and pencils. Maybe drawing is a kind of lazy “man's” creativity. All that is needed is a piece of paper and some pencils to go for it.

Starting Out

I felt I did alright when I worked on a drawing but I knew very early on that I possess the character to get better. Whenever possible
I studied at museums and pored over books. Except for art classes at school and some practice at nude drawing I am self-taught. Early inspirations have been Op Art, Hyperrealism as well as Impressionism. I've tried various styles over the years and ways of expression. There has always been some kind of necessity or commission to move on to other techniques and styles.

Fashion Design

Next to drawing I started knitting and doing crochet work ending up in designing fashion. This was only a small step to actually sew my own clothes. There has been some fancy and wacky stuff since I wanted it to be a bit offbeat. And I guess it was very much offbeat because my designs are still remembered by some friends who still make fun of it today!

Handicraft Activities

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I consider myself a do-it-yourself woman. Somehow scary, right? A woman holding a drill and even knowing how to use it the right way might be a bit unusual. But building and rebuilding got my attention early on as well and I kind of liked to do it. Unfortunately it didn't leave much time for drawing or painting. Thus I have been introduced to some other areas I could be creative in such as tiling, painting murals and building simple pieces of furniture. When most of the walls had been painted, all kinds of places tiled with art-inspired motives it was time to expand my creative horizon.

Big Subjects, Calligraphy and Book Projects

Also for outdoor exhibitions I had put my creativity to work already. When life-size plastic cows and outsized plastic pears needed a coat of acrylic paint and fancy decoration, I gave them what they needed. As crazy these projects were, I loved them and some more orders of that kind followed these events and kept me busy for almost two years.

I started writing small books and fanfolds for birthdays and such. Calligraphy was essential for it thus I focused on letters. Illustrating a traditional songbook directed me towards drawing again.​

My Creative World

Back to drawings with a more realistic appeal, mixing media  and more acrylics this time on canvas combined with calligraphy - my recently preferred techniques represent the main categories within my website. This'n that gathers various styles from silk painting to calligraphy and small book projects. And more to come.

DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS and more provides a possibility to show what I have created over the years. With my website I like to share with anyone who would like to see what I did, do and will do.

I hope you'll enjoy your trip into my creative world. I appreciate each and everyone taking time to stop by. And I would be glad if you'd visit again.

Please do not copy, download, distribute, display or use for any commercial purpose without permission.